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Custom translation

One of the easiest way to translate Sana into your native language is to use the Loco Translate plugin. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, follow these steps to add translation to Sana:

  1. In your admin dashboard click Loco Translate in the side menu
  2. Select Your Theme from the Active theme section
  3. Click on New language to start translating the theme now
  4. Select a language you want to translate into by choosing one in the Choose a language section
  5. In Choose a location you need to select Custom, and then click on Start Translating
  6. Now on the translation screen, select any of the strings you would like to to translate by selecting them in Source text list
  7. If you can’t find a string, use the search tool Filter translation to find the text you need to translate
  8. Scroll down and type the translated version into translation area
  9. Click Save. That’s it, you’ve translated your first text string using Loco Translate.

To see the results live go to Settings → General and make sure you change the Site Language  to the language, that you were translating into.

Multiple languages

If you need your site to be multilingual, we recommend installing the Polylang plugin. It will give you the ability to manage and present your content in multiple languages and to switch easily between them. You can find detailed walk through configuration instructions on this page.

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Was this article helpful?