This guide shows how to connect the Envato Market plugin to your ThemeForest/Envato account so you can update Sana easily from the WordPress dashboard.

Quick links

Generating token

1. Navigate to Envato Market in the WordPress admin

2. Click the generate a personal token link and you will be redirected to the Envato API page (you may need to login to your Envato account first)

Notice: If Envato Market isn’t installed on your site you can install it on the AppearanceInstall Plugins page.

1. Enter a name into the Token name field (“updates” for example). You can leave the Permission options as they are

2. Check the “Terms and Conditions” box

3. Click the Create Token button

1. Copy your token code from the “Success” screen (Envato doesn’t store it for you)

2. Click the Got it button

Connecting Envato Account

1. To connect your Envato Market account, enter your Envato token into the Token field

2. Click the Save Changes button

Notice: If you see the following error message when you first enter your token, simply go back to the previous page and try again. It should work on the second go.

Updating your theme

Once your token is saved and validated the available items for your Envato account will be displayed. To update the theme, simply click the Update Available link in the orange notice on the theme listing.

Tip: your Envato Market updates will also be available on the DashboardUpdates page

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Was this article helpful?